Vegans, Vegetarians and Carnivores Will All Love NuVegan Cafe

You don't need to be vegan (or even vegetarian) in order to enjoy a meal at NuVegan Cafe. In fact, this popular College Park eatery has a reputation for showing non-vegan folks just how delicious vegan eating can be.

The menu is full of tempting dishes like dairy-free mac and cheese, vegan lasagna, and quinoa burgers served with crispy golden fries on the side. And don't forget that vegan brunch can be delicious, too (in fact, it's one of the busiest meals of the week at NuVegan Cafe). Pancakes topped with fresh fruit and drizzled with maple syrup are a customer favorite, as is the spicy breakfast burrito served with your choice of cheezy grits or home fries. Whatever you choose, reviewers say you should expect it to be both tasty and satisfying — even if you're usually a carnivore.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Free-Photos