Find Inner Peace at Body & Brain Yoga

Whether you're a longtime yogi or you're totally unfamiliar with a downward-facing dog, you're welcome at Body & Brain Yoga. Its signature yoga classes invite all levels to embrace the practice. The routines typically incorporate both moving and static postures and stretching with focused breathing and meditation, all with the end goal of calming the mind and energizing the body.

The yoga classes are just one of the options at Body & Brain, however. You can also check out a core strengthening class, a mix of stretching and exercises designed to strengthen your abs both inside and out. The energy movement class enlists tapping, dancing, breathwork, and other forms of movement to free up blocked energy within the body and ease anxiety, while low-impact Tai Chi and Ki Gong use slow exercises to heal from the inside out.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Geralt