Amber Spice Offers an Array of Authentic Indian Dishes

Vegetarian dishes factor heavily into classic Indian cuisine, so you'll find a variety of plant-based appetizers and entrees at authentic Indian eatery Amber Spice.

Skip the meat and start with veggie mimosas stuffed with spiced potatoes or savory lentil "doughnuts" with house-made coconut chutney. For the main course, try the malai kofta. It features the house-made paneer, an Indian cheese, wrapped inside of dough, seared in butter sauce, and smothered with tomato gravy. The aloo gobi skips the paneer in favor of cauliflower, potatoes, fresh ginger, and Indian spices. If you're a meat-eater, Amber Spice boasts many options for you, too. For instance, the tandoor-grilled tikka masala comes with your choice of chicken, salmon, or shrimp, and the vindaloo offers lamb and chicken options. Add an order of garlic naan or tandoori roti to scoop up any morsels that get left behind on your plate.