Month: July 2018

Check Out an Inner Harbor Sightseeing Happy Hour Tour

Baltimore locals know there's always a lot going on down at the Inner Harbor, but many people haven't actually been out on the water. The Inner Harbor Sightseeing Happy Hour Tour offers you the chance to do just that, every day of the week.

Tickets start at just $20 per person, and include a one-hour sightseeing excursion filled with stunning sights and fascinating stories narrated by professional tour guides. Since it's a happy hour cruise you'll also have the chance to purchase beer, wine, and cocktails from the cruise ship's full service bar. The ship's covered decks are all climate-controlled for your comfort (especially important during summer's heat), but don't forget to step outside onto the open deck for a least a few minutes, in order to feel the fresh sea breeze ruffle your hair as the ship cruises out of the harbor.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Free-Photos

Spend the Weekend at Paint Branch Golf Course

Sneaking away for a quick game of golf or to hit a bucket of balls can be one the real joys of summer. Let Paint Branch Golf Course be your hideaway this summer with their easy greens and great prices at the driving range.

Paint Branch has a simple, nine-hole course with lots of spots to practice with your short irons. The par-3 is a perfect for beginner play, or when you just want to relax over your game and not get into anything too strenuous. The driving range offers two sizes of buckets, with the larger being just $10 for over 100 balls. You can work on your form or just practice getting some power into your swing when you’re too short on time for a full game. Paint Branch Golf Course also offers programs and lessons for a variety of ages and skill levels, as well as a performance center to work on your game year round.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Hans

Enjoy a Sunny Afternoon at Buddy Attick Park

Buddy Attick played a vital role in the early days of Greenbelt. He and his family lived in Greenbelt before it was even officially a town. Once it was incorporated, he went on to become the town's first police offer and, eventually, the Director of Public Works. Given his contributions to the city, it's only fitting that the local pioneer serves as the namesake for Buddy Attick Park.

A 23-acre lake anchors the park, encircled by a dirt and stone path. When you're craving some time outdoors, go for a leisurely walk along this 1.25-mile path and drink in the views of the gently ebbing water. You can also head out on the water in a kayak or canoe with the proper permit, and cast a fishing line if you have a license. Bring lunch along and enjoy it at one of the picnic tables or rent out a pavilion for a special event and grill up your grub.