Month: May 2018

Have Fun With the Kids at Laugh Out Loud Stations MEGA Fun Center

The kids in your life will love Laugh Out Loud Stations MEGA Fun Center — and the kid in you is probably going to love it, too. It has so many activities that you will have trouble choosing what to do first!

Ride bumper cars, roller skate, play laser tag, or attempt the climbing wall, and whether you have a toddler or a teen, there are plenty of options for you to fill the day. Visit Laugh Out Loud Stations MEGA Fun Center any time you just need to get active and have some fun, or plan your next party with their special packages. The Play! Eat! Party! Pack is for groups of 10 or more and includes unlimited rides and attractions, plus food and clean up. Smaller parties can also take advantage of package deals, and MEGA Fun Center is also a great location for field trips and fundraisers.

Laugh Out Loud Stations MEGA Fun Center is conveniently located in the Beltway Plaza Mall. Be sure to check their website for cyber deals and fun pack discounts before you go.

Enjoy an Artisan Cup of Joe at Vigilante Coffee

Depending on the day, Vigilante Coffee may be your modern coffee shop, a haven for people who work from home, or an old-school cafe where conversation and eye contact are encouraged. Vigilante offers complimentary wi-fi Monday through Friday, but shuts it down on Saturdays and Sundays so that patrons can spend their time socializing.

Since Vigilante opened its College Park outpost two months ago, its balance of contemporary and classic has earned it many fans. The top-notch coffee doesn't hurt, either. Vigilante's menu changes on a regular basis in order to showcase new varieties of high-quality joe, available as simple drip coffee, pour-overs, or espresso specialty drinks. Grab a mug and an acai bowl or pastry, and then meet a new friend or get some work done at Vigilante Coffee.

Public Domain/Pixabay/akunnen

BeClaws: Caj-sian Seafood Customized to Your Tastes

BeClaws has invented a new type of cuisine called Caj-sian. The chef blends the best elements of Cajun and Asian cooking to create a fare that's equal parts sweet and spicy. The menu highlights fresh seafood, and invites guests to build their own Caj-sian feasts, so come ready to get creative with your cuisine.

Begin by choosing your seafood from a list that includes crawfish and clams, shrimp and snow crab, and lobster and mussels. Then select the flavor: Caj-sian sauce, lemon-pepper sauce, or a blend of both. Finally, pick your spice level, from mild to "911" (which is pretty spicy). Add extras like corn on the cob or potatoes, or try one of the smaller bites such as seafood bao (dumplings) or hot crab dip with chips. Crawfish mac 'n cheese, seafood po'boys, and Caj-sian rubbed steak are also on the menu at BeClaws.